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PolyamProud Media Appearances

Since starting the process of designing a new flag and putting it out for a vote, we’ve appeared in various places. Check out the links below to listen and learn a little more, or to read about what we’ve up to!

Updated 21st November 2022.


Ready for Polyamory season 5, episode 7: Polyamory Pride (aired 19 May 2022)

Laura talks to Kristian of PolyamProud, the not-for-profit trying to update polyamory's pride flag, about the polyam flag, pride parades, the purpose of pride, history behind different Pride events, and why any of this is important in the first place.

Polyamory Uncensored episode 77: Creating a Polyam Pride Flag with Kristian (aired 02 August 2021)

We chat with Kristian of the not-for-profit organization PolyamProud. Their volunteer based community is dedicated to creating the new official flag to represent polyam and ethical non-monogamist folks. We chat about symbolism, color theory, and the components that go into making a good flag.

Normalizing Non-Monogamy episode 204: Jan (aired 20 October 2021)

Jan is a 25 year old pansexual, neurodivergent, relationship anarchist from the Netherlands. He recognized at age six that he approached things a bit differently than his peers and relationships were no exception. We have a fantastic discussion on transitioning and healing damaged relationships as well as learning to set healthy boundaries. Jan is also working with a group of people he met on Reddit to design a new flag to represent the polyamory community. Their goal is to crowdsource ideas and have the global community vote on the new flag.


Polyamory in the News: Voting for a new polyamory flag passes 28,000 (posted 18 November 2022)

They've received 28,000 votes so far. The winner will be announced this Wednesday the 23rd, Polyamory Day.
Much of the finalist selection was due to the input of people from around the world, not just the Americans and other westerners in the project.

Polyamory in the News: Movement for a better polyamory flag enters the home stretch (posted 29 August 2022)

Of course nobody can get anybody to use a flag they don't want; there's nothing "official" in this sprawling community of cats. But that's not the point. The point is to see if a lot of people would like to coalesce around one new design and use it.

There's already much consensus that the old red, black & blue poly flag with its confusing letter pi (some math society?) is serving us poorly. It declares no recognizable message or meaning, and many say it looks dark and foreboding. When a volunteer drew it up in 1995 — deliberately making it obscure because so many people at the time were closeted — the then-small community adopted it by default. We've been stuck with it ever since.

Polyamory in the News: Folks get serious about a new and better polyamory flag (posted 4 July 2021)

Now folks are launching an initiative to see if the polyamory community is ready to coalesce around some new design that will stir us to make it our proud standard.
Sarah "Mack" Flury and Kristian Einstman, based in Chicago, are going about this project from the ground up, showing smarts about how such an effort might actually work in this disparate, independent-minded herd of cats we call the poly movement.

As always, you’ll find the latest news and updates on our social media pages - you can find us on instagram, twitter, tumblr, and facebook. Come say hi!


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