30,827 polyamorous people voted for a new flag. this is the design they chose.

this tricolor polyamorous flag design was created by Red Howell. it belongs to the public, and to all non-monogamous people.

tricolor polyamory pride flag

Flag D.png

access a google drive folder and freely download any of various hi-resolution image files of the new polyamorous pride flag.

The intention behind this design was to create a simple, bold tricolor, with a contemporary approach to traditional vexillological (relating to the study of flags) elements from the original “Pi” flag. 


It takes the best of the original flag, including its color symbolism, and improves on those elements of the Pi flag which alienated viewers.


A white chevron flows outward to depict the growth and possibility of the non-monogamous community. It sits asymmetrically on the flag to reflect the non-traditional style of polyamorous relationships. 


The heart reminds us that love in all forms is the core of non-monogamy.


As in the original polyamory flag: 


Red stands for love and attraction.


Blue stands for openness and honesty.


However, this redesign also makes thoughtful alterations:


Gold represents the energy and perseverance of those in the non-monogamous community.


Purple to represent a united non-monogamous community.


HEX#FFFFFF  | RGBR 255   G 255   B 255  | CMYKC 0%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 0%


HEX: #FCBF00  | RGB: R 252   G 191   B 0  | CMYK: C 0%   M 27%   Y 100%   K 0%


HEX: #009FE3  | RGB: R 0   G 159   B 227  | CMYK: C 100%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 0%


HEX: #E50051  | RGB: R 229   G 0   B 81  | CMYK: C 0%   M 100%   Y 50%   K 0%


HEX: #340C46  | RGB: R 52   G 12   B 70  | CMYK: C 80%   M 100%   Y 0%   K 60%

we're working on publishing the details.

we're excited to share more information about the results of the vote.

you'll be able to read about it on our blog in the next week or so!