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30,827 polyamorous people voted for a new flag. this is the design they chose.

this tricolor polyamorous flag design was created by Red Howell. it belongs to the public, and to all non-monogamous people.

tricolor polyamory pride flag

Flag D.png

access a google drive folder and freely download any of various hi-resolution image files of the new polyamorous pride flag.

The intention behind this design was to create a simple, bold tricolor, with a contemporary approach to traditional vexillological (relating to the study of flags) elements from the original “Pi” flag. 


It takes the best of the original flag, including its color symbolism, and improves on those elements of the Pi flag which alienated viewers.


A chevron points toward the opposite end of the flag, a symbol of growth and progress, and sits asymmetrically on the flag to reflect the non-traditional style of polyamorous relationships. The heart within reminds us that love in all forms is the core of non-monogamy.


The chevron's white represents possibility—the blank canvas upon which every non-monogamous person creates and develops their individual relationships. possibility also signals hope for the future of the polyamorous and non-monogamous community.


Magenta stands for desire, love, and attraction. Slightly shifted from the red in the original flag, this design's magenta includes the addition of desire, which in many cases can be experienced without love nor attraction. Throughout the non-monogamous community, desire, love, & attraction push beyond the mono- and amato-normative paradigms of sexual and romantic love.


This flag and this community include, acknowledge, and fiercely advocate for a breadth of love and relationship styles and identities—the asexual spectrum & aromantic spectrum, as well as queerplatonic, tertiary, and otherwise alterous relationships absolutely among them.


Blue stands for openness and honesty, just like in the original Pi flag. Openness and honesty are core values in healthy relationships. We strive to be open and honest with our partners as well as with ourselves.


Separately from our relationships, many in our community don’t have the privilege to practice their non-monogamy openly. For now, we can only hope and work toward a safer and more welcoming future where every one of us can be open and honest about their polyamorous practice, identity, or orientation.


Gold represents the energy and perseverance of those in the non-monogamous community. 

Perseverance is courageous action in the face of  adversity. This might look like persevering in your freedom to have multiple relationships. It may also include standing firm in who you are against  cultural structures which oppress and suppress your right to live and love as you see fit.

On a community level, this encourages us to continue pushing toward more widespread awareness, understanding, and protection for polyamorous people and families.


Purple represents a united non-monogamous community. Today's non-monogamous community includes and was preceded by People of the Global Majority—Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color—whose cultural practices of non-monogamy were and have been historically unacknowledged, suppressed, ridiculed, or erased.


A united non-monogamous community is one which honors, includes, and empowers all forms of and approaches to consensual non-monogamy. It actively champions and holds space in abundance for the people of diverse intersectional races, ethnicities, sexualities, and genders who share in the non-monogamous experience.


HEX#FFFFFF  | RGBR 255   G 255   B 255  | CMYKC 0%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 0%


HEX: #FCBF00  | RGB: R 252   G 191   B 0  | CMYK: C 0%   M 27%   Y 100%   K 0%


HEX: #009FE3  | RGB: R 0   G 159   B 227  | CMYK: C 100%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 0%


HEX: #E50051  | RGB: R 229   G 0   B 81  | CMYK: C 0%   M 100%   Y 50%   K 0%


HEX: #340C46  | RGB: R 52   G 12   B 70  | CMYK: C 80%   M 100%   Y 0%   K 60%

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we're excited to share more information about the results of the vote with you.

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