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meet the team at polyamproud and learn why we're so passionate about putting the polyamorous pride flag to a vote.

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2 aug 2021

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how we got here:

1995 Polyamory Pride Flag by Jim Evans

original 1995 polyamory flag

designed by Jim Evans

we wanted to redesign the polyamory pride flag.

it's no secret the original polyamorous pride flag needs an update. we saw too many creators tossing redesigns onto the internet hoping theirs catches on—our founders among them.


we realized it was time for a larger-scale approach.


we didn't want to create another addition to the slush pile of online designs. so, we got in touch with other groups that had done it before us, took lots of notes, and got started.

turns out, the way to unite the community behind a single design was to unite the community to choose a design that suits it best.

we realized we could
do something bigger.


our leadership.

Kristian (co-founder of polyam proud)



director, co-founder

kristian is a neurodivergent polyamorist and a writer, designer, and organizer with a background in fine arts, history, and marketing, he's grateful to be applying his skills and sensibilities to advancing global awareness of polyamory.

Mack (outreach manager of polyam proud)

sarah "mack"


outreach director

a current biochemistry and molecular biology phd candidate with a masters in microbiology and immunology, sarah has been openly practicing kitchen table, non-hierachical polyamory for two years. she feels she's already gained so much and, with her work for polyamproud, wants to give back to a group that has been so accepting and loving of her. 

Jan (co-founder of polyam proud)


any/all pronouns


a 25-year-old from the netherlands, jan's passions cover a broad spectrum: social work, linguistics, singing, wood-working, maths, hair-dressing, poetry, pixel art, longboarding, mountain-biking, conlanging, world-building, graphic design, GMing, animals, plants, dancing and, most of all, people. he's been polyam for his entire life but only admitted that to himself 6 years ago.


the polyamproud team.


content writer, project sponsor

Dee is a Kiwi who identifies as queer, kinky, polyamorous, and fat. They live in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and are a professional counsellor supporting people who are part of gender and sexual minority communities or are exploring their identities. She's been actively polyamorous since the early 2000s, and currently has three partners. As part of the PolyamProud initiative, Dee is helping keep the website updated and active.

chris (public relations)

he/him, public relations

I own a cafe, coffee and crepes, and love the enneagram and astrology (I’m Type 5, an Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising) Excited to be helping with PR and thankful to be part of such a passionate group!

molly (website wrangler)

they/them, website wrangler

42 year old queer, fat, non-binary Femme. Been polyam for more than 20 years. I prefer kitchen table polyam, and my favorite show is (and will always be) Buffy.

I may have unwittingly sparked this initiative! When my flag proposal got a lot of attention over on reddit, kristian & jan teamed up to get us a new, unified polyam flag. I'm incredibly excited to help get a new flag out into the world. I'm super appreciative of their energy and enthusiasm to make this happen. This is a big job that can't be accomplished by a single person with an idea and a design.

For what it's worth, I don't feel like my flag has to be the flag! I just want our whole community to have a more attractive flag that represents our values and doesn't rely on obscure and confusing iconography.

Polycule Pink-on-Black.png

figuring out pronouns, spanish translator

aQuel, I'm bi and mostly a femme, sometimes I feel more non-binary but I haven't gave myself the time to think about the labels for that side of my identity that much, so I just flow with it. I'm non-monogamous, recently out of the closet with my mom, friends and ex. Currently starting to date as a Solo Polyam and I plan to stay like that for a while to focus on my studies. I'm a psychology student soon to be graduated and interested in Community Psychology. I'm glad to be here and I hope to be of help translating stuff or something. I'm a native Spanish speaker from the south of Mexico (I love astrology and tarot as well haha oh, and rollerskating)

rose (content editor)

she/her, content editor

Almost 19, I'm a content editor for PolyamProud. I also assist in content-related research, help run the PolyamProud tumblr account, and suggest content ideas. I'm from Toronto, Canada. In addition to being polyamorous, I'm a POC, aromantic, bisexual, and a nonbinary woman. Currently, my university studies are focused on biology, though I'm also passionate about learning new languages. I love working out; I especially love running and swimming. In my free time, I enjoy drawing and have recently switched to creating digital art. Anime fan here! My faves include Code Geass and Attack on Titan.

abbie (content marketing)

she/they, content marketing

When Abbie isn't writing or creating content for TikTok, she hangs out in the PolyamProud discord & helps out when she can. They have been polyam for 3 years and practices polyanarchy and Kitchen Table Polyamory.

ghost (designer)


I've got a whole host of fun and funky pride flags and I'm looking forward to adding the redesign to that set :)

picrew representation of one ghosty individual~

amber (tumbler manager)

she/they, illustration & tumblr manager

I’m Metal, also known as MetalWing15. I am a pansexual disaster from the Netherlands. I'm mainly an artist and work on traditional art, digital art, comics and also trying my hand at game design. Hoping to study on any of those subjects sometime in the future! Currently I’m making art and gifs and help manage the Tumblr blog for the PolyamProud group. I honestly love creating which is probably why I spend so much of my time making stories, comics, drawings and a ton of other stuff as well.

wanna join our team?

fill out the form below or contact us at polyamproud@gmail.com, and we'll be in touch.

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