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our mission.

the goal is simple:

empower our community to vote on a new polyamorous pride flag.

polyamory and non-monogamy are quickly becoming more regular parts of the cultural conversation about love, intimacy, and relationships—but our identifying symbols leave a lot to be desired.


hear us on...

polyamory uncensored
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2 aug 2021


we know.

there already is a polyamorous pride flag.

in fact, over 30 designs have been casually proposed online, most of which were created within the last three years.


with your help, we're going to break the cycle.


here's how
we're different:

nearly 20,000

a year of effort has resulted in nearly 20k
polyamorists signed up to vote on our new flag.

flag selection committee

a small group of well-known polyamorous people will choose the candidate designs.


diverse, intersectional non-monogamous identities will have a direct hand in the process.

25+ expert consultants

authors, researchers, therapists, coaches, activists, and more will all contribute to the design.

we know.

we need one flag.

our community lacks the appearance of unity—from within and without.
but coming to a consensus on a single flag is critical:


economic facility.

a single flag reduces cost for access by way of mass-production, and gets more flags into the world.

no flag will ever be a perfect fit.

but we can work together to choose an emblem that feels
and works better for more of us.

we think it's worth a shot.

perfect fit
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