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many loves.
one flag.

a volunteer effort for an official polyamorous pride flag

we are polyamproud.

a volunteer coalition dedicated to establishing a definitive and representative visual identity for the polyamory community.

our goals are simple.


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redesign the polyam flag


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hold a global vote


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make the flag accessible

we need one flag.

the community lacks the appearance of unity—from within and without.

Heart Shape
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economic facility.

a single flag reduces cost for access by way of mass-production and gets more flags into the world.

why now?

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demand for a new flag is at an all-time high.

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redesigns are proliferating.

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the world is paying attention.

polyam flag redesign cycle

this isn't just another addition to the pile.

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we have an organized group of volunteers.

our team is passionately and emotionally invested in seeing our mission through.

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we're working with community leaders.

global activists, organizers, leaders, influencers, & advocates

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we're focusing on a global audience.

our team is making every effort to make this vote accessible to all.

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our goal is to have one official flag by pride 2022.

here's our plan.

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honorably retire our old flag.
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the first globally selected polyamorous pride flag is born.
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hold a vote featuring all-new designs — TBD
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create designs with the help of a committee.
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spread awareness throughout the community.
Gilbert Baker sewing the first LGBTQ+ pride flag
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flags are about proclaiming power ...that visibility is key to our success and to our justice.

gilbert baker

creator of the original rainbow pride flag

no flag will ever be a perfect fit.

but we can work together to choose an emblem that feels and works better for more of us.

we think it's worth a shot.


interested in volunteering? contact us at polyamproud@gmail.com, or fill out this form and we'll be in touch.

thanks for your comment!


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