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polyamproud full logo white pink (1880 × 1576 px).png

democratically selecting an all-new polyamorous pride flag.

Polycule Pink.png

we are polyamproud.

we're a volunteer coalition empowering the polyamorous community to unite behind a new, representative pride flag—chosen by vote. and the results are in.

after a year and a half of community outreach, research, collaboration, and over 30,000 community votes, this design was chosen to be the next iteration of the polyamorous pride flag.

we're experienced professional designers, students of vexillology,

& polyamorous activists.

polyamorous people needed a better flag—and we deserved to vote for it ourselves.

the ballots have been cast and the results are in. the community has chosen its flag.


check out
our recent posts.

learn more about our mission to choose the next polyamorous pride flag on our blog.


Why Flags Matter (and Why Polyamory Needs a New One)

Dee Morgan

·    Aug 12

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