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flag design candidate

this polyamorous flag design was created by Robin Good.


Flag C.png


A rectangular flag with a purple field and a large, multicolored geometric icon at the center. The icon is made up of four identical shapes, which could be described as squared or pixelated hearts. In order from the top square heart and moving clockwise, they are colored bright pink, yellow, teal, and white. They resemble bold arrow shapes pointing inward toward each other, creating an “X” with the negative space of the background purple showing between them. 



The heart traditionally represents romantic love. This design uses four distinctly non-traditional, geometric hearts to reflect the various, non-traditional relationship and love styles of non-monogamy. 


The orientation of the hearts with four colors is an ode to indigenous symbology around the world— the same cultures which have practiced and/or continue to practice non-monogamy and polyamory outside the imposed colonial paradigm. 


Their influence and teachings set the path for where we are today, and where we are going—reaffirming that polyamory can be part of the human experience, and should be made accessible for all. 


Purple field represents introspection, the desire to deepen our understanding of ourselves, and harmony between opposing forces (red and blue - monogamy vs. non-monogamy).


White heart for openness to possibility within relationships, and openness with our partners. 


Teal heart for growth, renewal, and nature. Growth of our community, renewal of our visual representation (and representation in media etc.), and nature's prevalence of polyamory among most living things.


Pink heart for love in all forms, the basis of our pride. 


Yellow heart symbolizes welcome and safety for the underrepresented: those who choose to stay closeted (for fear of rejection/their own safety, lack of representation etc.), the 'secret' partner(s), BIPOC people in polyamory, and overall underrepresentation of polyamory. 


HEX: #6C3F98  | RGB: R 108   G 63   B 152  | CMYK: C 17%   M 35%   Y 0%   K 40%


HEX: #FFFFFF  | RGB: R 255   G 255   B 255  | CMYK: C 0%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 0%


HEX: #22BCAD  | RGB: R 34   G 188   B 173  | CMYK: C 60%   M 0%   Y 6%   K 26%


HEX: #EE3696  | RGB: R 238   G 54   B 150    | CMYK: C 0%   M 72%   Y 35%   K 7%


HEX: #FECC4E  | RGB: R 254   G 204   B 78    | CMYK: C 0%   M 20%   Y 69%   K 0%
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